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Let’s accelerate your business growth

It’s possible to have...

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Business Stability

Create predictable results using proven systems and processes to turn your monster into a machine.

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Financial Peace-of-Mind

Stop cash leaking out of your business, collect payments on time and don't worry about making payroll ever again.

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Solid Growth & Exit Strategy

All business owners exit eventually - you can either exit strategically or accidentally. Exit the way you want to.

Commercial Flooring contractor struggling

The problem is...

Finding time to work on your business is a challenge when you are stuck juggling the day-to-day issues. Not knowing what to fix, where to start, or how to get your team motivated when you are completely focused on fire fighting and managing cash flow.

Do you feel like you spend all your time...

  • Bogged down with low-profit work
  • Competing on price
  • Chasing cash tied in unpaid invoices
  • Constantly putting out fires 
  • Lacking systems & processes
  • Flying by instinct

This is what we know is true...

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    Profitability doesn’t come from tightening your belt or firing staff

    Creating stability in your company doesn’t mean doing more with less. Profit comes from simplification, transparency, and implementing consistent processes.

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    Knowing your numbers helps you reduce risk and make better decisions

    Get to the real underlying issues threatening your business, make actionable decisions on how to overcome them, and regain control.

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    Are you frustrated you have to make every decision?

    We help build leaders who can shoulder the load. We arm them to make good decisions so we free up your time.

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    Our approach is designed to will help you overcome, not overwhelm

    You may think you don’t have the bandwidth, or that this will distract your team from their day-to-day priorities, but the reverse is actually true. We will free up their time by eliminating repetitive work and reducing errors.

    Our approach will liberate your time so you can enjoy the benefits of owning your own company again.

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    Knowledge is power

    No more gut-based decisions. Get the facts. Get the numbers. Numbers don't lie, sometimes they hurt, but they don't lie. We’ll provide you and your team the tools and training you need to stop what isn’t working and double down on what is.

We are here to solve real business problems,
not put bandaids on symptoms and call it a day.

The Flooring Academy

The commercial flooring industry is heavily fragmented.
There are over 2100 companies and no one is dominant.
They are privately held and don’t want to give up their secrets.
There is no place to go to get best business practices.

Until now.

Mick and Andre bring something unique to the table: over 15 years working with successful commercial flooring companies.  We pioneered a methodology that has literally transformed the lives of the owners and their employees.

This approach has been road-tested in over 12 flooring companies and on average has:

  • increased our client profitability by $900,000
  • improved cash flow by over $1 million and
  • put disciplines in place for predictable new customer acquisition
  • significantly raised business valuation

We have distilled this approach and packaged it within our Flooring Academy program.

The commercial flooring Freedom Plan

Our flagship program is guaranteed to improve your business performance.

Meet Your Flooring Improvement Specialists

Mick Holly

Hi, I’m Mick Holly. Originally from the UK, I hold both US and British passports.

For over 35 years I have been helping executives and owners drive business growth that moves the dial in the ultimate scorecard of their financial statements.

I have been implementing our Running Your Business by the Numbers and Sales by the Numbers approach in privately-owned companies across the USA and Canada for many years and have been featured in Forbes magazine.

Andre Gien

Hi, Andre Gien here. I’m excited you have found us and hope I can help you on your business journey. I was born in South Africa, before moving to Australia for a few years. I now live in the United States.

I am a chartered accountant and my passion is to help business owners interpret their numbers to fuel growth and profitability. I have worked with both aspiring and established entrepreneurs for over twenty years. I am excited about how our unique approach can help you grow, build a legacy, and have more time for life outside of your business!


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Improve Your Flooring Business in Just 7 Minutes

Get a copy of the weekly improvement bulletin that delivers the most actionable, tactical, and timely business tips you actually need to improve your sales, profits & cash flow in just 7 minutes.