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Transform Your Flooring Business. Create predictable growth, higher operational profit, engage and develop your employees while increasing your business valuation.

What our clients have to say...

Tom Burton, President
FS2 Flooring Solutions
(Division of Flooring Solutions)

Pat Reardigan, CEO
Occupied Renovations

Dwayne Lewis, CEO/Owner
National Substrate Technicians

Invest in your business.  Cement your future.

You deserve more

Let's be frank. 

We have looked behind the curtain of over 60 commercial flooring businesses.

And what we have seen is not pretty.  Owners and employees have been toiling away for decades and yet the average operating profit is below 3%.

You are taking massive risk for very small reward.  One bad job or problematic customer and that profit evaporates!

Cashflow is always challenging and often unpredictable.

Maybe you are thinking you'd like to sell and reap the benefits of your years of serving your customers but your numbers don't reflect the potential you know your business has.

You want to improve but there is no obvious place to get help.

We get it! 

That's why we have developed the Flooring by the Numbers Academy specifically for flooring company owners and their employees.

For a relatively low investment we can significnatly improve your business numbers and develop your employees

Why Invest Now?

Look, you may be running a third generation business and you have spent your entire life perfecting your craft.

The problem is the rules have changed! Covid saw to that! It’s getting harder to even eke out a miserly 2-3% operating profit. Here are some of the headwinds you will need to navigate:

  • Backlogs are down 25%
  • Traditional customers used to give you 75% of your yearly portfolio. That work has shrunk so you need to build new relationships
  • Many projects are delaying meaning your earnings for this year will be a challenge
  • Most flooring companies had negative cashflow in 1Q 2021.
  • The need to optimize cash will become more critical
  • Receivable days are on the increase
  • It is getting harder to forecast work
  • Competition is intensifying
  • Bids are being awarded at lower margins
  • Most salespeople are Farmers and not Hunters
  • Acquiring new business is problematic and unpredictable
  • GC’s are hiring younger less experienced people so your project and installation managers need the skills to bring home these jobs at a decent gross margin
  • Hiring and retaining good staff is a challenge
  • Leadership and succession planning is vital for an exit strategy
  • Vendors are going direct and cutting into your pie

And there are many more.  So while you are juggling all these balls you still have to manage the day to day.

Commercial Flooring contractor struggling

Where can you go for help?

The commercial flooring industry is heavily fragmented.  There are over 2100 companies and no-one is dominant.  They are privately held and don’t want to give up their secrets.  There is no place to go to get best business practices.  Until now.

flooring by the numbers

The Flooring Academy

Mick and Andre bring something unique to the table: over 15 years working with successful commercial flooring companies.  We pioneered a methodology that has literally transformed the lives of the owners and their employees.

This approach has been road tested in over 12 flooring companies and on average has:

  • increased our client profitability by $900,000
  • improved cashflow by over $1 million and
  • put disciplines in place for predictable new customer acquisition
  • significantly raised business valuation

We have distilled this approach and packaged it within our Flooring Academy program.

It is not generic training.  It is flooring specific, for flooring professionals and has been road-tested in real life and has delivered real results.

We have taken our clients from low to near zero profitability to operating profit in excess of 10%.

We are not saying we can get you to double-digit profitability but we are saying if you implement the ideas we present your business can achieve a step change in performance.

The evidence for its efficacy is underlined in our customer testimonials you can find on our flooring by the numbers website. We invite you to view them.

You can also gain insights from our weekly blog and our weekly LIVE! Show airing every Wednesday at [11:00] EST on YouTube and LinkedIn.

But to really benefit, join our Academy program that will guide your and your people with effective, practical implementation techniques to improve your revenues, profit, cash and build organizational strength.

We are here to solve real business problems,
not put bandaids on symptoms and call it a day.

Know your numbers, make informed decisions and put an end to the sleepless nights.

The value of live coaching

Why do most people hire Sherpas when they climb Everest?

(PS, Mick know this as he climbed to Everest Base Camp)

Not only do Sherpa’s carry oxygen bottles, water, and food…they are responsible for two of the most important aspects of a successful climb – navigation and highly technical climbing skills.

They serve as guide, porter, butler, motivational coach, and a lifeguard all at the same time.

In other words, they need a guide who’s been there before who can show them the way and lead them to success.

A coach isn’t there to JUST help you achieve your initial goals…your coach is with you along the way, continually pushing you and your team to achieve greater results, faster!

That’s why Mick & Andre are LIVE and accessible every week to help you understand the best practices and then overcome implementation barriers. 

What do you get?

Business Strategy Session

Each new member gets a 2-4 hour strategy session with Mick & Andre.

We review your goals, business strategy and key challenges. 

Optionally, we can perform our Business Health Test where we go through your numbers to give you insights into how to improve your business. 

We will identify strategic improvement themes for your company and identify quick wins you can implement.

Typically this strategy session will reveal immediate improvements you can implement that will more than cover your first year investment in the Academy.

Bi-weekly Live training sessions with Mick & Andre

Every other week we deliver training in our improvement methodologies during a live call. These sessions will focus on tried and tested methods to raise your revenues, profit and cashflow. These sessions are recorded so if you can't participate in the live training you can watch them at your convenience.

The goal is to show you how to to get the operating margins and business performance you deserve.

Online Best Practices Curriculum

The training is supported by online modules outlined in the curriculum below.  Want to get a few sales tips, or how to improve estimating or project delivery--you can access the areas that may be of urgent importance to your company

Monthly bonus training

Each month we will deliver a bonus topic or have a guest contributor that includes but is not limited to, other flooring company leaders, executives for the General Contractor and Manufacturing Communities etc.

Everyone in your organization can access the course and we will develop them as future managers and leaders.

That's right.  The course is not charged by person.  It is a per-business investment.  If you want to train 50 of your people go for it!  We want you to be hugely successful. 

They will get the unfair advantage of our proven strategies, benchmarks and tools to help you pass your competitors and build a business that performs at the highest level. We know what best of breed looks like in flooring.  Many times we helped implement it.  No-one else has that wealth of knowledge.

As an owner we help you have a business that works for you and not you for it.

Meet Your Flooring Improvement Specialists

Mick Holly

Hi, I’m Mick Holly. Originally from the UK, I hold both US and British passports.

For over 35 years I have been helping executives and owners drive business growth that moves the dial in the ultimate scorecard of their financial statements.

I have been implementing our Running Your Business by the Numbers, Sales by the Numbers and Accelerate to 8 approach in privately-owned companies across the USA and Canada for many years and have been featured in Forbes magazine.

Andre Gien

Hi, Andre Gien here. I’m excited you have found us and hope I can help you on your business journey. I was born in South Africa, before moving to Australia for a few years. I now live in the United States.

I am a chartered accountant and my passion is to help business owners interpret their numbers to fuel growth and profitability. I have worked with both aspiring and established entrepreneurs for over twenty years. I am excited about how our unique approach can help you grow, build a legacy, and have more time for life outside of your business!

The Flooring Academy

Program Curriculum

Key topics in the Academy program will include but are not limited to:

  • Key market dynamics and how to position your company for success
  • Developing your business strategy
  • Creating a predictable revenue factory
  • Sales training
  • Best practice processes and templates
  • Building successful vendor relationships
  • Optimizing cash and cashflow
  • Driving productivity and effectiveness to increase delivered margins
  • Change Order management
  • Project Management
  • Estimating Excellence
  • Forecasting & Planning
  • Increasing business valuation
  • Leadership Development
Love your commercial flooring business again

Academy program themes:

  • Strategy & Planning
  • Sales & Estimating
  • Operations
  • Financial Performance

Money back guarantee

  • We are certain you will find the AcademyProgram invaluable.
  • But if you don't email mick and we will give you a full refund. No questions asked.

You get all this, plus the confidence knowing you’re in control
of your business and your financial future.

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