Where do your rank among your peers?

This Benchmark Report will allow you to look into other flooring companies and identify ways to help you grow, make more money, and bank more cash.

Benchmark Report Cover

2020 was a tough year and 2021 backlogs are down.

You need to optimize your business to thrive.

Why does my business need a benchmark report?

2020 was an incredibly difficult year.  Most saw a 20% drop in revenues and a massive erosion of their backlog.

Yet we have worked with commercial flooring companies that doubled their backlog in 2020!!

We’ve seen companies increase their gross and operating profits and pay down significant debt.

This report will allow you to calibrate your business and help you focus on areas where others have made significant improvements.

Get a true picture on operating profit

Most owners have many tax and personal expense strategies that distort true operating profit.  This report shows you the real numbers.  We’ll give clues and ideas how you can go beyond average to best in class

What do owners and execs pay themselves?

Are you paying yourself enough?  Or too much?  What should you be paying your leadership team.  Find out here.

How good is my sales machine?

Find out how your sales and estimating teams are performing.  What should you expect from a good salesperson? What win rate should I be getting from my bidding activity?

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Our Clients Said...

These guys aren't called "Flooring by the Numbers" for nothing.  The benchmarks they have gathered and shared with us have enabled us to step up on some of our gaps and double down on our competitive strengths

Curtis Blanton, President, DCO Commerical Floors

Their data on commercial flooring companies is deep and insightful.  There is no other place where we can get this quality of information

Dwayne Lewis, CEO,National Substrate Technicians