3 ways to delight your GC

We enjoyed having Jerry Freeman of Spec-Intel on our Flooring by the Numbers LIVE! Show a couple of weeks ago.  If you want to watch the replay you can find it here

He surveyed many GC’S and asked the question “what are the biggest issues you face in working with your subcontractors”

Three things consistently popped up.

1. Time to get submittals

2. Time searching for SDS sheets

3. Time to complete closeouts

As the flooring contractor, you represent 2-3% of the overall project cost.  Toward the end of the project you are critical in ensuring the job finishes on time and well.  Often, you come under unfair pressure as other trades have delayed so you become the ultimate problem solvers!

GC’s don’t have your experience or technical know-how in their organization so are relying on you to be their strategic advisor.

Here’s the rub.  They like doing business with the flooring contractor who makes their life easy.

If you want to transcend the bid board and get more negotiated work do these 3 things and you will differentiate yourself from the run-of-the-mill competition.

1. Get your submittals in early.  Not just on time.  Early.  And add a thought or two about their spec to show you have read it, understand their risks and can propose innovative ways to help ease their problems.

2. It is mandatory that the Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS Docs) are present on the job site or in the job trailer.  Want to really look good??  Print these out and put them in a nice binder.  It can even have your company logo on it. Then have your salesperson go to the job site and personally present them to the super!  They will love you!  And it gives the salesperson (or PM if you prefer) to cement a great relationship which will be key for more work.

3. The GC, and the architect hate it when closeout is delayed.  They don’t get paid. You don’t get paid.  It’s an unnecessary hassle.  Ensure you have your paperwork fulfilled ahead of time, punch issues are resolved quickly and no poorly documented change orders are hanging around.

Make it easy for the GC with these 3 things and more business will come your way.