How to make your subs love you

We hear two different conversations around labor.

The first is largely negative—there is a shortage, they are of poor quality, they are unreliable and they don’t show up.

The second is positive—we love our subs, labor is abundant, quality is never an issue and trust is high.

The difference—comes down to the relationship between the flooring dealer and the sub.

Are your relationships antagonistic or are you best buds??

Here are some stats from  The 2020 National Construction Payment Report: Spring Spotlight on Jobsite Coordination

It surveyed 540 construction contractor respondents of which nearly half were subs:

  • 54% of contractors blame delays on poor coordination between subs
  • 66% spend more than one day of their workweek waiting for other work to be done

Look, your subs are an extension of your brand and reputation

  • They are often the reason why you get the next job. (Have you ever had the instance where the customer demands a specific sub by name)
  • They are the purveyors of quality or lack thereof.
  • The sub reliability often is synonymous with your reliability.
A sub par flooring experience can be a direct result of you not making par with your subs

We rarely see an active strategy to how we manage and retain our subs.

Here are some quick tips to get the best out of the partnership with your subs:

  • Make sure you do your due diligence. Don’t send your sub to the jobsite if it’s not ready
  • Invite your subs to your weekly scheduling meeting.  They have to juggle their resources just like you so the sooner they know the schedule the better
  • Set clear expectations
  • Communicate daily
  • If a problem occurs on YOUR job.  Own it.  Don’t blame the sub.  When you dig in you will probably find a communication/expectation issue was at the root cause
  • Pay your subs promptly and they will love you.

Happy subs, happy trails

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