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Write a love letter to your prospects

How do you as a salesperson get in front of a new prospect when they have created shields to repel all callers/emailers/texters?

When was the last time your prospect looked forward to opening their email?  It’s been taken over by tons of different subscriptions they forgot they (and are absolutely convinced they did not) sign up for.

Devilish marketers have found their way into their phone.  Prospects won’t answer if they don’t recognize the caller id—they let it go to voicemail.  And now there is ringless voicemail!  Voicemails can be sent en masse without their phone ever making so much as a beep!

Text used to be safe ground.  But they have given their number to restaurants, delivery services, Uber etc.


You want to speak to them or get a meeting? 

Then go old school.

Handwrite a note and send it via the good old US Postal Service.


Think about when you last got one.  Almost never, right?

So it stands out.

Heart Emoji PNG


And it says “I care”.


Because you took time to write something personal.

So here’s a suggestion.

  • Go and buy a nice pen.
  • Get some nice paper.
  • If you really want to impress you can get someone on Fiverr to create a nice personal logo.
  • Pen a personal message and mail it off.

I guarantee your prospect will read it and will enjoy the experience of getting a rare letter.  It will definitely get you a meeting with them or at least a phone call!

Have fun!