How to make it easy for your customers to buy from you

Giving your prospective customers plenty of choices is a good thing, right?


A group of university researchers (Columbia and Stanford) set up a stall in an upscale supermarket to display gourmet jams.

All were made by the manufacturer and available to be sampled as customers walked by.

In the first case they made 6 varieties available.

In the second case 24 varieties were offered.

The results were staggering:

  • When 24 varieties were on offer 3% went on to make a purchase
  • When only 6 were on offer ten times as many bought the jam–a whopping 30%

In reality, too much choice can confuse your prospects.

Let's say the GC is down to the last 3 bids.

You have given them many different offers and permutations to convey your flexibility and willingness to adapt to their needs.

Unfortunately, the manager in the GC does not have the time (and sometimes does not have the same technical competence you have) to do the mental math and gyrations to identify the best solution.  So they press the easy button and go with the simple quote from your competitor.

We are not saying don't be flexible or have options.  But your job in the sales phase is to narrow down the options.  You must do the legwork and mental work to create a bid with at most 3 options.

The answer should be obvious to your prospect.

Make it easy for them and you will win more bids!