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Listen First. Speak later

When we observe salespeople engaging with potential customers we often find salespeople do most of the talking

They like to tell the customer about their company and what they do.

This behavior is telling rather than selling.

And there is a place for this in the right context.

You will be more persuasive if you are more customer centric, where the starting point is about the customer and their desires.

Imagine how the conversation would change if we asked the customer:

What are you goals for this project?

You may think the answers would be obvious.

To make money, to finish on time and on budget!

Yet you may be surprised to uncover other motivational drivers that t you can use to your benefit.

For example, you may learn that:

  • “We are looking for a consistent team that can execute on numerous projects of this type that we have in our pipeline”
  • “We are deploying an agile design build model and want partners that are familiar with the process and concept”
  • “We are looking for partners that can self-manage their schedule and work with other trades to ensure on time completion”
  • “We know that logistics will be a challenge and want partners that know how to handle materials in confined spaces”
  • “We are looking for people that can perform multiple scopes within each division”

And many more I am sure you can add to the list.

Armed with this information you can now describe what you and your company do to address these needs.

Your response will be targeted and set you apart from your competitors

In your next prospect conversation, resist the urge to lead with info about you and your company.  Lead with some open questions. Your customer will tell you what you need to know! You will be assured of a different and more successful outcome!

As an old sales mentor told me, “you have two ears and one mouth and you should use them in the same proportions!