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Quick Quiz: Can you tell the difference between a feature and a benefit?

Convincing your prospective customer to buy your floor or other product or services requires you to create the desire to buy in their mind.

Often, salespeople list a litany of what THEY think are the most attractive reasons to buy their floor.  These tend to be FEATURES.

Your Prospect is interested in what your flooring solution can do for them.  I.E. A BENEFIT.

Here is a quick quiz to test if you can spot the difference between a feature and a benefit:

1. We provide onsite supervision
2. We have been in business for 40 years
3. Our superintendents help manage your subs so you have fewer problems
4. We have the most extensive and best trained subcontractors
5. Our projects are completed on time and on budget
6. We are with you right to punch and beyond ensuring your project is completed so you never have to worry problems will crop up unexpectedly
7. We support you nationally so you get a consistent experience
8. Our shop drawings are the most detailed
9. We have our own designers who help you create amazing kitchens that make your parties a success
10. Our safety protocols will ensure you maintain your own great safety record
11. Our core value is focusing on the customer
12. We do whatever it takes
13. My focus is getting you good information so we spot any issues early and we can address them before your bid is finalized
14. We will never let problems lie or surprise you ensuring you can sleep well at night